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When Seams Align

I’m in love with a tailor. At sundown he weaves his flesh with mine and his tongue speaks words of lace. Under the raindrops I see the rich colours of French tapestry in his eyes. I’m in love with a tailor who spins my silk spine into golden thread. After the spool is wound, I … Continue reading When Seams Align

A Fallen Soul Deceived Me

Officer please listen closely He was disguised as the angel of light His flesh was fine as snow And he promised to fly me to paradise I devoured his perfect poison It burned my membranes And coated my teeth in sugar I was scammed foolishly He helped carry my osmium sword But then backed me … Continue reading A Fallen Soul Deceived Me

Ode to Your Latent Child

My Child, Drought runs deep in your veins The Earth’s soil is bitter to you Your mother’s sun scorches your stem My Child, I see you drowning In the storms of anger Your skin drained of blood My Child, I wish to cradle you tenderly Rock you to sleep And rest you on the moon … Continue reading Ode to Your Latent Child

A Green Spring Brings Blue Autumn

When Spring creeps in The Willow Tree weeps Watching the Cherry Blossoms bloom Envious of her elegant dance And how beautiful she makes the streets But in two weeks time The Cherry Blossom withers to the ground Her grace short lived And the Willow weeps no more Realizing his leaves are the last to fall … Continue reading A Green Spring Brings Blue Autumn

Longing For Father

Sweet child Be mindful of yourself Open the door with caution  Release the monsters with a careful eye And sleep upon the clouds -Vanessa Ferronato

His Own Way

The lonely traveller is ridiculed  And shamed for the solitude he’s chosen. Without dismay he continues to walk Along his lonely path. The crowd gathers together And lay rest in the city square. Eating sweet peaches and picking dandelions While the lonely traveller walks along his foreign path. The crowd settles in comfort with each … Continue reading His Own Way

Divine Love

Gentle boy Beautiful boy Words as sweet as peaches roll off your tongue Coffee eyes made of the Earth’s richest soil They’ve seen the ugliest storms But grow miraculous gardens Lips that move like honey Speaking of the nights stars Holding beneath them black matter Your delicate hands hold love Touch with care Feel with … Continue reading Divine Love


I was on a walk today in a trail nearby to where I live and while on my journey I came across a stone in a bush raised on a stump which read “FERNWEH AN ACHE FOR DISTANT PLACES” When I got home from my walk I did a bit of googling to find out … Continue reading Fernweh

Photos With Thought

-An Editorial- They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but in a modern world of increasingly powerful technology, this statement loses its meaning. With the revolutionary invention of digital cameras and smartphones with high-quality lenses, we can snap a hundred photos in seconds. With this, there is no authenticity in photography as we … Continue reading Photos With Thought

The People with the Bony Eyes

Stuck in the unseen village are the people with the bony eyes.“Hug me with your words,” they begged, longing for the silent middle ground. “Evoke within me a place where the stories collide, becausewhere I live, the streets are convoluted.Our desiccated land leaves no place to rest. The unknown is known to us.‘How pitiful!’ We … Continue reading The People with the Bony Eyes

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