The source of an artist’s inspiration.

I have met all sorts of people throughout my life, heard a plethora of stories, and visited many scenes. Every encounter, big or small, has played a part in who I am today. We are a product of what we surround ourselves with and what we allow to consume us.

Found in the most simple places is beauty, and I believe that everyone has a story worth listening to. Have you ever met someone that left you starstruck? What about them did you admire? Did you have a life-altering experience that challenged your perspective? Or maybe you ran a couple of errands on a Sunday afternoon, and a simple conversation with a stranger made you smile. These moments are what give life meaning and purpose.

My goal is to share the people, things, and places I’m passionate about, and to discuss ideas that leave me pondering, and hopefully, you too. Be prepared to immerse yourself in my fast-paced mind in hopes of creating a source of inspiration for myself and anyone who stumbles upon this page.

Everyone feels ordinary, but to someone, you provoke awe and influence.

Welcome to my muse.

With love,