I was on a walk today in a trail nearby to where I live and while on my journey I came across a stone in a bush raised on a stump which read “FERNWEH AN ACHE FOR DISTANT PLACES”

When I got home from my walk I did a bit of googling to find out more about what this unfamiliar word meant.

Fernweh is a German word and translated into English it means wanderlust. The German definition is a term for farsickness, almost like homesickness but instead a longing for faraway places, especially ones that you have not visited yet.

The word derives from the word fern meaning “far”, and weh meaning “pain” or “misery.”

Similarly, wanderlust comes from the German word wandern meaning to “wander” and lust meaning “desire;” together creating the phrase “to desire wander,” or more simply “wanderlust.”

So this stone made me ponder on my walk, what is a place I feel fernweh towards? Then I remembered a dream I had last summer which I wrote down in the notes app of my phone:

I was driving home from work and I took the wrong turn onto this dusty road that I couldn’t drive on so I got out of my car and started walking. The walk was so long but I kept going because it was so beautiful! Along the way Marina was there exercising and she started to walk with me and we were talking as if we were close friends, which is weird because I haven’t seen her in years and we were never really that close of friends. Finally we ended up at this inlet and the sunset was absolutely stunning! It was seriously speechlessly gorgeous. It felt like I was in the clouds, that’s how high I was and then the cliff drop was very steep but you could see the ENTIRE ocean and the water was a deep, vivid blue and the sky, oh my god! It was around sunset so the sky was painted orange and bright pink and you could still see the sun peeking through and the clouds were so light and fluffy!! Overall though the view was so beautiful and immaculate!

My next shift of work I tried finding that same wrong turn I took in my dream to find the inlet that appeared before me a few nights earlier. Unfortunately, I was unlucky with my adventure and still haven’t found this heavenly place. However, I think about it often and I have a gut feeling that it exists somewhere on this earth and one day I’ll be there at sunset and have a big déjà vu type moment.

What place do you have fernweh towards?

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