Perfectly Flawed Fairytale

She made him believe in love
but now, he wishes to never know what love is.
It was early February when it rained a little less
and the morning frost sprinkled along the grass.
Jailed for months to protect them,
but then the season was coming to a close
and some feelings emerged.
The landscape was unsteady.
Hills of fascination plateaued into a mistake,
along with the traveller committed to his journey.
Three moons collide into a spark of omission
and stronger than ever the children ventured.
However the storms were stronger this year.
They tussled, needing to be selfish,
surely ache is temporary.
After time there becomes silence over the sea,
the clouds drift knowing that
lost love is sweeter when finally found.
And now he remembers that it’s just another part of the story.

-Vanessa Ferronato

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