Not in Space

But where is the universe really found?
Could it be etched in my bones?
Possibly trapped in the days that once existed?
Is it in the eyes of the bravest souls?
Or perhaps the mind of the foolish one.
Is it the innocence of a child?
The humour of the sorrowful?
In between the lines of a love letter?
Maybe it’s below the surface of bathwater.
What if it’s something that cannot be found?
But a feeling, a choice.
Is it knowledge?
Fear? Anger? Isolation?
The split second before you close your eyes and kiss.
Or is it discovered on the rainy day you forgot an umbrella?
The spur of the moment decision when you take the wrong bus consciously.
Or possibly only encountered when a camera flashes.
Is it inside tears rolling down one’s cheeks?
Maybe it’s a silly thing searching for the universe.
Maybe instead, the universe is looking for us.

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