Every Story Begins With A Storm

An Unfinished Story:

This is the first real short story I’ve ever written, or should I say almost ever written. It isn’t finished yet, maybe one day I’ll get around to it but for now this is it. Enjoy “Every Story Begins With A Storm” :))

The overwhelming scent of saltiness reminds me of the brackish cookies my mother makes. Peering over the bridge ledge as I watch the waves fight with each other, it feels awfully similar to my parents’ relationship. Crashing among the jagged rocks, I could hear the piercing sound of bottles smashing against the stained walls. And just for a moment, the salty scent turns into rum. The dense, cold gale turns my skin pimply, my oversized green shirt rustles vigorously in the swirling winds. My untamed chestnut hair knotted with bits of twigs and leaves that were carried by the vicious breeze. A flash of my father’s wrinkled face appeared before my eyes, filled with spite and anger. His knuckles white and drained of blood. I am filled with trepidation, longing for an escape from the chaos and abuse. Shaking, trembling, I could feel the raindrops pounding on my head, edging me off the ledge and into the violent sea. Sour tears running down my sunken eyes and puffy cheeks. Thoughts spinning like oil slick demons in my head, blood boiling, my fingertips buzzing with anxiety, tight rope wound around my chest. A dead, fixated stare into the perilous storm as I murmur under my breath. I felt in tune with the bushes being uprooted from their wiry roots. And with a gentle release, I become engulfed in the selfish gray water.

Below the surface, the pressure pushes against my chest, stripping me of my breath. A silence that is deafening engrossed me. My ears strain searching for the slightest sound to prove that I have awakened into bliss. Consuming every part of me, I am left alone with my thoughts, my actions, my life. Absent of all distractions, this desire burns even brighter in my soul. I wait for my eyes to rest and for my body to give out, all I feel is a peace I had never been given. The current drags me further down while the cold sea blankets over me. My burning pain slowly fades away as my fragile body became limp. For the first time in my life, I understood serenity.

Suddenly, I felt a tight grip around my ankle, and I was hauled to the shoreline. My vulnerable skin felt the gritty mud, and the pebbles beneath me pressed against my frail back. A sharp pain in my throat stabbed me as I coughed out water, which once consumed me. My lungs filled with crisp, numbing air that stung my bones. I was alleviated by the crushing sensation that the hostile waves comforted me with. The sombre sky hinted to the previous rage of the winds that struck only moments earlier. Shoulders tense and knees agitated, I felt my stomach tangle. Behind me, a large, mossy branch laid lifelessly on the muddy earth ripped mercilessly from its trunk. The eerie essence of foreboding stole over me. My senses widen, skin crawling with fear, I am not alone. The rustling of the mangled bushes around me made my blood run cold. My eyes gazed apprehensively, noticing small details that would usually be unseen. In a flash, something scurried from behind me back into the now still water. Muscles tense, nails digging into the palm of my hands and teeth biting the inside of my cheek, I nervously inch my way behind me all while mystified of what saved me. Heart pounding, I saw a swift movement under the roily water coming toward me.

Then the frightened creature scampered timidly, curiously, placidly, like a lost child searching for a nurturer, suffocating its terror under bravery. It gawks and wonders with ignorance, and in the subtlest of perturbation, its racing mind and its soul sunk beneath all feelings of unfamiliarity. It crawled uneasily, unsure how I would react and wrapped its delicate tentacle around the ankle it grasped onto once before. It’s innocent, velvet black eyes look at me with a sense of sincerity and friendship. I gently placed my hand on the side of it’s round, plump head, which felt silky. It’s warm, amber colour fur glistened off the reflection of the ivory moonlight. The creature’s four soft tentacles hugged me, providing me with warmth. 

As the night got deeper, the relationship between the creature and I became more tender. Despite not being able to speak to each other, we grew a mutual understanding and trust. The down to earth nature of this friendship filled a void that I’ve longed for my entire life. 

In the distance, a tall shadowy figure walking towards us. The lean man yelled something to us; however, he was too muffled to hear him. As he drew nearer, his crisp, white lab coat blinded my doe-like eyes, and his hollow cheekbones, deep-set eyes, and lanky stature unnerved me. The creature, my friend, scuttled into the water beside me, its eyes obsessed with fear. The crinkled leaves raised in volume, and the man bellowed out, “Hey, you!” I didn’t reply and tried to ignore him. Despite my neglectful manner towards the stranger, he continued to walk towards me.

I sat against the rock, skittish. The man in the white lab coat looked down at me with a devilish grin. I gave the man a nervous hello, wondering why he was on the shoreline after such a storm.

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