Bliss Within

As my fingertips sift through the mail,
I land upon a delicate envelope,
thin and frail.
Sealed within this letter is a story of a heart
sent to a soul seeking to relive your precious tenderness.
Heat warms the dull room as I tear open the casing of your solicitude.
Scribbles embed the soft-hued sheet,
with visions of your wandering mind manifested in the imperfect ink.
Words kiss my eyes,
symphonic sentences cascade in the grasp of my hands,
an ordinary spirit expressing their frustration and longing,
with less than ordinary words.
Intertwined minds connected through the silence of writing,
putting the restless to sleep,
knowing that one day soon we will be knitted together.
But until then, I read your thoughts,
blissful and steadfast.
Captivated by your mystical nature,
security and comfort.
I lay my eyes upon those bittersweet words,
“Forever yours”
kindling me to crave your intimacy.

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