Art From Above

This poem was originally written about my friend Ava. I was in my creative writing class and we were instructed to write a poem about something we saw in the room without stating exactly what it is. I looked at the birthmark on her leg and drew inspiration from there. A few months later I was reading back on my old poems and wanted to add to the original poem. After much editing, this is what I came up with.

from the moment of birth, God marked her with an angel kiss.
the coffee stain on her smooth skin was a source of beauty.
asymmetrical, sweet,
yet, this simplicity brings elegance.
constellations drawn by Aphrodite across the bridge of her nose,
connecting the stars on her face to the one’s in the universe.
sprinkled aimlessly like brown sugar.
and when her soul lights up, her cheeks dimple.
deep like a pond,
sweet like honey.
glittery eyes polished by Theia.
her sapphires found deep within earth’s crust,
adoration transpires.
her passions so fragrant they meld together with deity.
she is a melody.

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