a cento of letters




a literary work made up of quotations from other works.

I have a soft spot in my heart for letters, especially handwritten. One of my most sentimental possessions is a box filled with letters that I’ve received over the years from friends, family and loved ones. This poem is a compilation of lines from various letters that people have written to me and it is by far one of the favourite poems that I’ve written. I hope you love it just as much as I do :))

we have had so many memories, seen so many things, and experienced so much
life can be funny that way
thank you for bothering me
things that just happen have weird connection between you and I
so precious in a world full of masks and lies
nothing but loyalty and care and compassion
a quiet confidence
i’m reminded of you and me
a special bond that will never fade away
do not be afraid to do something adventurous (within reason)
have fun in life but don’t lose yourself in the noise
now I know we’ll never forget it
a man who expresses himself through his actions rather than words
your anger will pass
not for them, but for peace within your own soul
i’ve had a few realizations that really have put my life into perspective
life was simple and for me, very content
what makes that memory so special is the way you handled it
the privilege of watching you grow into a beautiful soul
never forget my love for you because it is immense
more than I could ever ask for
go change lives, you’ve already changed mine

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